About Kirtan

Using Music to Quiet the Mind and Strengthen the Soul

Find silence within yourself, connect with yourself, and move away the blockages keeping you from being all you can be. Everything you need and want to be is already within you.  Let the musical vibrations lead you to a place of well-being.  Our thoughts separate us, our chanting brings us together. We create a unique experience together.


How does Kirtan Heal?

Kirtan is the repetitive chanting of the same sounds. It has a hypnotic effect on the mind, thus releasing it from stress and transferring it into a state of higher consciousness and concentration. This makes us more aware of everything around us, leading to development of powerful intuitive abilities over time.We bring ourselves to higher frequencies and bring ourselves out of negativity.

Mission Statement

To give  back the inner peace and strength I've received from music. To share the healing and uplifting power of chant.

Meet Jane


Jane's Story

As a special education teacher, I found myself exhausted by the end of the day. Wanting to give my students my best, I embarked on a spiritual journey to find inner peace.  I found the world of meditation and my spiritual journey began.  One day after mediation class I was invited to a Kirtan. Curious yet nervous since I couldn't even read music, I set off on a new journey.  Expecting to be an observer, I walked into the yoga center and quickly found a seat way in the back. As the music played and others began to sing I found myself quietly starting to sing along.  The magic of the melodies had carried me away to a place of peace. I was hooked after the first night. After attending many Kirtans, one summer I decided to treat myself to a harmonium and signed up for classes. I ventured out to yoga studios, wellness centers and retreat centers. Now with a passion to share my love for this sacred, healing, modality, I offer you to join me.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to read music?

No, the songs or chants are written phonetically.  They are repetitive so you will be able to learn them easily. Chant sheets will be handed out.

Do I need to be a good singer?

No, no experience is necessary.

Do I need to bring something to sit on?

No chairs, yoga mats, and /or seat backs will be available.

Do I need to bring water?

You might want to bring water since we will be singing most of the evening.

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